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In 2022, we partnered with P.E.T.S. of Wayne County to set up a community based Pet Food Pantry. Our goal with this program is to provide not only assistance with food as needed but also to Educate & Share Resources on Pet Care, Housing, Nutrition and General Wellness! We understand times can be tough & we all need a little support now and then! There are many resources for humans but we saw a large gap in our community for aid with pets so thus the Pet Panty was born! We aim to let no animal go without!

We primarily have Dog & Cat Food on hand but we would be happy to try to assist with any animal you or your loved ones may be struggling with-this is where our monetary donations come in!

This is an emergency aid and "as needed" program for pet supplies! Not a routine monthly service

We do not take in any animals that may need to be surrendered. We do have resources for rehoming pets that we would be happy to share with you if you decide that is the best option for you and your pet! We respect that very difficult decision must be made under certain circumstances for the wellbeing of everyone involved!

We GLADLY accept donations of both supplies (bedding, food, treats, medicines etc.)  and monetary funds for anyone able and willing to donate! Please bring your donations right to the Feed Store Checkout during normal business hours! We also have a can & bottle return bin out on the sidewalk labeled for P.E.T.S that helps to fund the Pet Pantry as well! Feel free to drop off your cans and bottles there at any time (:

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the store with any questions, we are happy to help :) 

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